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A Comprehensive IKAWA Coffee Roaster Review


There is no doubt that you will definitely agree that a coffee home roaster is indeed a great way to come up with your own homemade coffee. Now, imagine roasting coffee even more conveniently and enjoying a more pleasant coffee taste by using an easy-to-use coffee roaster that processes a varied selection of quality coffee more efficiently. You can experience this and more by using the first-ever digital IKAWA coffee roaster that can be operated through the use of a smartphone app.

How Does IKAWA Coffee Roaster Work?

Roasting with the use of IKAWA roaster is a piece of cake. Here’s a simple procedure that you can easily follow when using the IKAWA digital roaster.


Step 1:  Using your smarphone app, you are free to pick any recipe from the roast recipes that come with IKAWA roaster. The recipe you choose will actually depend on the green beans that you use at the moment. You may use the ones provided by IKAWA or the green beans you bought separately from a local shop nearby or ordered online.

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Whether you like a lighter roast coffee or a darker roast coffee, the roaster can precisely work on those and more. Also, whether you crave for espresso or filter, the roaster can also correctly deliver the result you want and more! You can either depend on the smartphone app for the standard recipes or make your own personal creations by altering the air flow, temperature and the roasting time.  What’s more, you are also allowed to experience other users’ recipes and share yours with them as well via the sharing app.


Step 2:  After selecting a recipe, pour the green beans into the Doser. Make sure you do not exceed the 60-gram limit each time. Take note that the 60g beans can produce about 50g coffee.

Step 3:  Allow the roaster to start working. The roasting can last up to 3 minutes or up to 10 minutes. The roasting time depends on the recipe that you choose.

Step 4: Observe how the beans change color. From the original green color, the color of the beans gradually changes to a pale shade to yellow to tan or orange to a lighter shade of brown to a darker shade of brown.

Step 5:  As soon as you hear the initial crack, the beans can already produce a lighter roast coffee during this time. So, you either stop roasting or continue until you hear the next crack.

Step 6: If you wish to continue roasting, expect the second crack. This is the last crack, and it signals the end of roasting. The color of the beans has now turned to a darker shade of brown. You cannot roast much further after this because you will only get burnt beans.

Step 7: Remove the container that contains the chaff, and place a clean container to gather all the roasted beans. This procedure takes away the heat from the roasted beans as fast as possible.


  • Its minimum roasting time is only 3 minutes.
  • It has undergone over a dozen of tests to ensure quality performance and safety.
  • Its glass lid provides easy viewing while the beans are being roasted.
  • It only occupies very little space as it has a compact design.
  • It comes with various roast recipes.
  • It produces consistent results for every kind of roast recipe you prepare.
  • Its user-friendly features make it possible to prepare coffee even with very minimal roasting know-how.
  • It is compatible with other beans apart from the ones supplied by IKAWA.
  • Durable quality materials are used to make this type of roaster.
  • The heat is concentrated in a particular section responsible for the roasting so that the case does not burn your skin even when you touch it.
  • It offers smokeless operation.
  • It can run on 120v,100v or 230v.
  • It has a container that collects the chaff.
  • It also has a separate container that gathers the roasted beans.
  • It has the ability to roast beans very efficiently.
  • Its users can share recipes with each other.
  • The app goes well with Android or iOS.


  • It is an expensive roaster.
  • It can produce very little amounts of coffee (approximately 50g coffee or about 1.8oz coffee) each time.
  • It is not an ideal option for heavy drinkers or if you are serving many people at one time.

To sum up, gone are the days when you had to spend more time learning how to roast coffee just to be able to drink coffee. With the newest coffee roasting technology IKAWA is equipped with, roasting coffee even for the first-timers is no longer an ambition; instead, now it has become just one of the smartphone apps that you can try whenever you fancy. What’s more, your coffee does not only taste even better but also suits your tastes and preferences perfectly due to the varied options that IKAWA provides.