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Interesting Steps on How to Roast Coffee Beans


For coffee lovers, there is indeed nothing more convenient than roasting your own coffee beans in your own kitchen. The best part is that you can fix your own coffee the way you exactly like it. What’s more, you can drink as much as you like without breaking your budget as home coffee roasting is an affordable option.

Before roasting the beans for your homemade coffee, you should know something more about the coffee beans, such as where to buy green coffee beans, what type of beans to buy and other related ideas. You can actually get green coffee beans from many places. You can buy green coffee beans locally from the nearest local shops that you can find in your area.  If you are considering how to roast coffee commercially, you can get from wholesalers as they can certainly provide you with whatever amount of coffee beans you wish to buy since they sell raw coffee beans wholesale. However, if you are only buying for your personal use or for the family, there are coffee beans sold at supermarkets or retail outlets. Finally, you can also buy green coffee beans online. It’s really good since online shops sell different varieties of coffee beans such as the best coffee beans 2015. They also sell various amounts of coffee beans such as bulk coffee.

Furthermore, you definitely want your coffee to have a great taste, so you want to get the best coffee beans in the world. To get the best beans, make sure that the beans have great flavors like the Arabica beans, must be fresh, organic and smooth to your taste buds.

Now that you know where you can get coffee beans and the basic characteristics of the best coffee beans to buy, you will be more prepared to learn coffee roasting in the easiest way possible. Below are simple coffee roasting 101 steps that you can follow anytime, anywhere.

Step 1: Prepare your space

You must remember that smoke is inevitable when roasting coffee beans. That is why it is a good idea to open every window at home and use the fan while roasting. Roasting in open spaces like at your back porch is quite an ideal spot if you especially do not want the smoke inside your home.

Step 2: Ready everything you need for roasting

Learning how to roast coffee beans at home is easy provided you have all the things you need. Check if you already have the following:

  • A spatula (pick the wooden kind)
  • A colander (choose the metal type)
  • A pan
  • A pair of mittens
  • A burner
  • A regular bag of raw coffee beans for sale.

Step 3: Start using the pan

The pan should be preheated first and foremost before you roast the beans. If you ask exactly at what temperature to roast coffee, the temperature is actually based on the stove you use; however, the preheating can be approximately 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 4: Start roasting the coffee beans

Once the pan gets hot, it is the best time to pour some coffee beans into it. Use the spatula to stir the coffee beans. The stirring must be done gently. Stir in such a way that the coffee beans are evenly roasted.

See to it that you buy green coffee beans for roasting which you can consume only for about a week to ensure freshness. Unless you are using the coffee beans for a lot of people, you are not supposed to buy bulk green coffee beans as you might not be able to consume them all in a short time or you might not like the taste of the coffee beans after roasting.

Step 5: Watch as the coffee bean color transforms

It is important to note the difference in coffee roasts colors during the roasting process. The green beans change color, from the original shade of green to the new shade of yellow to various shades of brown. You will know that the process is done when you see a darker shade of brown. This can be observed between eight to ten minutes.

Step 6: Observe the 1st crack

If you really want to learn the technique on how to roast coffee well, watch out for the initial crack. You should wait patiently to hear the initial crack as this is your key to making sure your coffee beans are roasted well since this will give you a signal that the color of the beans has already changed into a lighter shade of brown, which means that the roasting process is almost done. In fact, at this time, the coffee beans are acceptable for cooling if you prefer that way.

Step 7: Expect to hear the 2nd crack

If you are not satisfied with the lighter shade of brown, you may wait for a few more minutes until you get to hear the 2nd crack since it signals the end of the roasting process. At this stage, you can expect to see the color of the coffee beans has become a darker shade of brown, which is ripe for cooling. As soon as you hear the 2nd crack, don’t wait too long; instead, remove the pan from the burner right after a few seconds. This is one of the important coffee roasting tips that you should take note of.

Step 8: Transfer the coffee beans


As soon as you remove the pan from the burner, the coffee beans will start to cool. You should transfer the coffee beans to a colander.  It is easy to separate the chaff from the beans when you use a colander. Place the colander in an open space so that cooling does not take that long.

Step 9: Allow some hours for degassing

The duration time for degassing varies, from several hours to a couple of days. After which, you may already try your first homemade coffee!

Indeed, it will certainly be as easy as pie to learn how to roast coffee as long as you have all the supplies for roasting and follow the steps mentioned above. What’s even more interesting is that you can definitely prepare your own coffee whenever you crave for it now that you know how to roast green coffee beans.