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The Journey

What is WE.? Or, rather, who are WE?

WE. was founded in 2010 by a group of people who are serious about coffee. After travelling overseas and sampling blends from cultures all over the world, we were ruined for coffee — when we came home, we needed to ‘up the game’. And, so, the WE. Journey began.

Coffee tasting is a complex sensory experience. All of our blends are roasted in small batches by our artisan roasting team. We are constantly experimenting and tasting, driven by a sincere passion to bring out the most delightful aromas, flavours, sweetness, acidity and body from the beans that we source.

Each harvest and lot has different intrinsic characteristics. Our artisan roasting team develops profiles that allow the coffees to speak their own unique languages, while bringing balance to all of these elements. The end result is a uniquely crafted cup of WE. coffee.

From casual indulgers, to die-hard coffee aficionados, we are confident that we have the perfect roast that is sure to tantalize your tastebuds.

While we also serve an array of gourmet teas, iced beverages and edible treats (like our signature Handmade Waffles) don’t be fooled — we’re all about the coffee.

Our Philosophy

Life happens over coffee.

Like the breaking of bread, coffee brings us together for a variety of reasons.

Friends meeting up, first dates, business meetings. Coffee has a special power to bring people together and keep them together for a few fleeting moments in an otherwise busy world.

And let’s face it, sometimes, it’s not even about bringing two people together — sometimes you need coffee just to string two thoughts together.

And that’s where we are. That quiet moment in an otherwise cacophonic world.

You’re welcome.