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Behmor 5400 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster Review


Roasting coffee in the comfort of your own home is quite practical, especially when you often drink coffee, and it even becomes more economical when other members of your family also consume more amounts of coffee on a daily basis. Also, you and your family get to enjoy your own preferred coffee tastes when roasting is made in your own kitchen. Home roasting has become really very simple, especially nowadays that there is a wide range of coffee roaster machines on the market to choose from. What’s more, if many people in your home often drink coffee, a coffee roaster that can roast coffee beans to accommodate everyone is certainly the best choice. Behmor 5400 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster is just the right machine for a large coffee consumption.

How does Behmor 5400 1600 Plus work?

Roasting is not a difficult task at all when you use Behmor 5400 1600 Plus due to its user-friendly features and functions. Below is a basic guide that you can use while roasting coffee beans using this roaster.

Step 1: Set aside the unit’s chaff tray and roasting drum.

Step 2: For starters, drop ¼ lb coffee beans into the drum.

Step 3: Preheat the coffee roaster. Preheating should not exceed the 1:45-minute limit. If you preheat further than the limit, this can hinder the roasting process.

Step 4: After preheating, hit the OFF button. After which, put the chaff tray and the drum inside the roaster. Be sure to use a pair of oven mittens while placing the tray and the drum to prevent your skin from getting directly in contact with the hot roaster.

Step 5: Choose the profile you like. You have 5 options to choose from. Your user’s manual have all the specifications for each profile, so it is necessary that you check out your user’s manual before roasting any coffee beans.  In addition, the roasting duration will depend on the amount of beans and profile that you pick.

Step 6: Watch out for the initial crack. The initial crack shows that the green beans have turned into light brown beans. Actually, you may end the roasting process during this time, which depends on your preference and the type of beans you use. However, if you prefer to roast further, wait another minute or a minute and a half more before you hear the second crack. Again, the interval between the initial crack and the next crack will vary according to the type of beans or amount of beans that you use.

Step 7: Prepare for the next crack. The next crack signals that the roasting process has reached its maximum point, and it is at this stage that your beans have been roasted further. When you finally hear the next crack, hit the COOL button at once. From the moment you hear the next crack, you should be able to hit the COOL button within ten seconds.

Step 8: Allow time for cooling. Cooling time will take about 2 minutes.

Step 9: Once the cooling time is completed, it is safe to stop using the roaster. Also, you are now ready to clean the roaster before you put it away.

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  • It is many households’ choice.
  • It works well in an indoor setting.
  • It works effectively in suppressing smoke.
  • It has a bigger roasting chamber.
  • It is designed for roasting a larger quantity of beans (a maximum requirement of 1lb coffee beans each time).
  • It has its own chaff tray to prevent the chaff from spreading anywhere.
  • It can work on five distinct profiles.
  • It guarantees that the beans are evenly roasted.
  • It operates quietly, so the initial crack is quite audible.
  • It is not difficult to use and not difficult to clean either.
  • It has an intelligent cooling system.


  • It needs monitoring the whole time, from beginning to end of roasting.
  • It does not provide a wide view of the inside section of the machine, so you cannot have a clear view of all the coffee beans inside.
  • It is bigger than other coffee roasters, so you need to prepare a certain section of your kitchen where you can conveniently set it.
  • It is not capable of producing very dark roasted coffee beans.
  • It does not work with high chaff raw beans.
  • Its surfaces can be hot to the touch, so it is necessary to put on a pair of oven mittens.
  • Its roasting duration can take longer.

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In conclusion, because of the practicality and convenience you can benefit from a home coffee roaster, preparing homemade coffee has become a hassle-free daily routine. It does not matter whether you are preparing coffee for yourself alone, for other members of the family or even for your guests at home;  roasting is still never a difficult thing as long as you have the coffee roaster machine such as the Behmor 5400 1600 Plus that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.