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Signature Roasts

Our blends and roasts are unique, unlike your last date with their $300 skinny jeans.

Roasting… is our coffee’s individual journey to nirvana. Those who find the roaster, should kill the roaster (But not really. In fact, please don’t. Jim has a family).

Our roasting process slowly and gently coaxes the best qualities from our beans, allowing them them to reach their fullest potential. And if you want to see us nerd-out, get us talking about our beans. We don’t mess around when it comes to roasting them to perfection.

Our Process

Our micro roasting captures peak flavor characteristics, individual subtleties and full aromatic pleasures, unique to each variety of specialty coffee. We are 100% confident that you’ll find our wide assortment to be the freshest and best-tasting beans available. In short, you’ll want our beans in your mouth.

In order to create Michelin-worthy java, we had to buy a kick-butt espresso machine- the only and only Lamarzocco GB5 and a La Marzocco Sift Grander (is it possible to have a coffee crush?) Together, they have an amazing ability to yield the perfect shot and finesse fine coffees with superior heat retention, transfer, control and airflow. And guess what? The end result is one helluva good cuppa joe.

Here is a breakdown of our 13-Step Process.

Choosing Your Blend

Personality Test

Everyone is unique. From the clothing we wear to the foods we love, every one of us has a different palette. Which is your ‘coffee personality’? WE accept you, no matter your type! : )